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4 reasons to switch to Safe4 veterinary disinfectant

Vet clinic

Safe4 veterinary disinfectant has been used by vet clinics for more than 25 years to prevent harmful cross-contamination, while not compromising the health and safety of staff and the animals in their care.

It’s this commitment to providing a safe – yet highly effective – alternative to harsh surface disinfectants that have seen an ever-increasing number of vet clinics in Australia swap over to Safe4 veterinary disinfectant.

Find out why your vet clinic should make the switch to Safe4.

1. It’s the most cost-effective

If you switch to Safe4, you’ll be saving yourself money with no compromise in efficacy.

In addition to being highly effective against viruses and bacteria, Safe4 is by far the most cost-effective veterinary disinfectant on the market.

Here’s just one example of how you will save considerable money by choosing Safe4:

  • Safe4 dilution rate for parvovirus is 1:100 versus 1:125 for another well-known disinfectant
  • Safe4 25L @ $769.90 used at 1:100 will make 2,500 litres = $0.308 per litre diluted.
  • Other disinfectant 25L @ $1,960.00 used at 1:125 will make 3,125 litres = $0.627 per litre diluted.

That’s a saving of $0.319 (32 cents) per litre, which adds up pretty quickly over time for a vet clinic.

Safe4 veterinary disinfectant

Our veterinary disinfectant is sold as a concentrate, so you can dilute it for your particular requirements. It’s available in 900ml, 5L, 10L, 25L quantities.

2. The Safe4 formula is non-toxic

Safe4 disinfectant has been specifically formulated to replace harsh and hazardous cleaning products, such as bleach, ammonia-based products and other householder cleaners.

With Safe4, it’s almost just as important as what’s not in our product as what is. Safe4 does NOT contain any harmful phenols, aldehydes, or alcohol. And when diluted, it has a neutral PH of approximately 7. In a nutshell, this means that our disinfectant is non-toxic, non-staining and a non-irritant.

We often get asked for the exact formulation of Safe4. But like the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices, we can’t give you the recipe! However, we are more than happy to provide a full list of the active ingredients.

3. Safe4 won’t irritate your eyes or throat

One key piece of feedback we have received from many vet clinic staff is that their eyes and throat get irritated when using other disinfectants.

Safe4 veterinary disinfectant is uniquely formulated to not irritate your eyes or throat. So there are no coughing, headaches, or asthma attacks triggered by our product. So, when we say our disinfectant is non-irritant, we mean it!

4. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell

Unlike bleach and ammonia-based products, you won’t be left with an overwhelming disinfectant smell when you use Safe4 disinfectant. Our product is available in 3 different scents – apple, lavender, fresh mint – as well as an odourless option. This means you can have a sparkling clean and decontaminated environment, without having to put up with a chemical smell.

Try Safe4 on us

We stand behind our product, and truly believe, along with our long list of customers, that it is the best – and easily the most cost-effective – disinfectant available for the veterinary and animal care sectors.

We are happy to send you a sample of our disinfectant, free of charge so you can try it in your clinic.

If you’re attending the 2023 AVA Annual Conference, drop by our booth to pick up a sample. Or if you’re not at the event, send us an email with your postal address, and we’ll send out a sample for you to try. (note: free sample applicable for Australian vet clinics only).