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Disinfecting against canine parvovirus

Canine parvovirus is one of the most important viruses you need to be disinfecting against in your vet clinic or dog boarding kennel.

Canine parvovirus kills more dogs in Australia every year compared to any other virus.

Due to its highly contagious nature, parvovirus is one of the most important viruses you need to be disinfecting against in your vet clinic or dog boarding kennel.  Without using the correct disinfectant product, you could be leaving your facility at risk of spreading the virus amongst your canine clients.

How is parvovirus transmitted?

Parvovirus can spread through both direct dog-to-dog contact as well as indirect (and usually unknown) contact with a trace infected animal’s faeces or vomit. The virus can spread very quickly on people’s hands or via dog’s paws, and as such can be present on the ground or a range of surfaces.

How long can the virus survive in the environment?

Parvovirus can survive indoors for at least two months, and up to a year outside. It is an extremely hardy virus that can withstand routine cleaning and many regular disinfectant products. To give some context, an infected puppy can shed approximately 35 million viral particles in one stool – and all it takes for a puppy to be infected is 1000 viral particles. Shedding typically lasts for 3-6 weeks, so that’s a lot of viral particles!

Safe4 disinfectant and parvovirus

Most household products aren’t going to have any impact in disinfecting against parvovirus. While bleach is effective against the virus, its fumes can irritate the eyes, airways and skin. You also need to rinse it off after application.

A virucidal disinfectant – such as Safe4 – is the best choice in an environment where parvovirus may be present. Safe4 disinfectant has been thoroughly tested (and re-tested!) by independent laboratories and is proven to be effective against a large number of bacteria, fungi and viruses, including parvovirus. And unlike bleach, our product won’t irritate your eyes or throat and does not require to be rinsed off after application.

Safe4 disinfecting protocol against canine parvovirus

When using Safe4 disinfectant against parvovirus, we recommend a dilution strength of 1:100. At a 1:100 dilution protocol, contact time is 30 minutes, but actual kill time is under 15 minutes. For a contact kill when you have known cases of parvovirus, the dilution protocol is 1:50, with contact time of under 5 minutes.

In addition to being highly effective against parvovirus, Safe4 is the most cost-effective disinfectant on the market that is designed to use in veterinary and pet boarding environments.

  • Safe4 dilution rate for parvovirus is 1:100 versus 1:125 for another well-known veterinary disinfectant.
  • Safe4 25L @ $769.90 used at 1:100 will make 2,500 litres = $0.308 per litre diluted.
  • Other disinfectant 25L @ $1553.00 used at 1:125 will make 3,125 litres = $0.497 per litre diluted.

That’s a saving of $0.189 (19cents) per litre, which adds up pretty quickly over time.

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