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Maximising the lifespan of veterinary surgical instruments

Veterinary surgical instruments

Effective cleaning of veterinary surgical instruments is essential for infection control. But did you know that the type of cleaning solution you use can have a significant impact on the longevity of your instruments?

Veterinary surgical instruments are an investment that require proper care and cleaning to ensure they last. That’s why an enzymatic cleaning solution is the best choice for your vet clinic.

How do enzymatic cleaners work?

Enzymatic cleaners – such as Safe4’s Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner – deliver a targeted cleaning process that goes beyond what regular cleaning solutions can achieve.

Designed specifically for veterinary clinics, Safe4’s instrument cleaner removes fats, starches and proteins, providing a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience. The inclusion of enzymes accelerates the breakdown of residues, making the cleaning process significantly faster compared to using solutions without enzymes. The unique non-foam formula also allows for cleaning inside fine lumens and other cannulated veterinary surgical instruments.

How do enzymatic cleaners prolong the lifespan of veterinary surgical instruments?

Enzymatic cleaners are formulated to not only clean surgical instruments but also to ensure their longevity. By preventing the build-up of bodily residue and fatty deposits, surgical instruments are protected from corrosion, discolouration or damage.

By using an enzymatic cleaner in your veterinary clinic, you will prolong the lifespan of your instruments, ensuring sustained functionality and protection of your clinic’s investment in vital equipment.

How should enzymatic cleaner be used?

Safe4’s instrument cleaner can be used in ultrasonic cleaning baths, tunnel washers, and deluge washers. Its versatility extends to allowing instruments to soak overnight without causing any damage. As an added bonus, the solution is biodegradable thanks to its biological active ingredients.

Want to learn more?

The data safety sheet for the Safe4 Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner can be viewed here.

You can purchase the instrument cleaner directly from our online store, or from your trusted veterinary products supplier. It is available in a 5L concentrated solution.

If you have any questions about our instrument cleaner or other products in our veterinary disinfectant and cleaning range, please give us a call on 1300 661 821 or email