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Neutralising animal odours the easy way

Animal odours can be difficult to get rid of

Eliminating animal odours is an ongoing challenge faced by vet clinics, pet resorts, zoos, and pet owners alike.

Traditional household cleaners such as vinegar or bleach might offer temporary relief, but they often fall short of addressing the underlying cause of the odour and end up merely masking unpleasant smells.

The solution? An enzymatic odour remover. Safe4’s Odour Killer is a non-toxic solution designed to not only neutralise animal odours, but also eradicate the root cause of the smell.

How does an enzymatic odour eliminator product work?

  1. Identifies the source: Enzymes are highly specific in their actions. They recognise and target the particular types of molecules causing the odour. This means that whether it’s urine, faeces, or any other organic substance, the enzymatic solution knows what to tackle.
  2. Breaks down molecules: Once the enzymes lock onto their target, they facilitate chemical reactions that break down complex organic molecules into simpler, odourless compounds. For instance, the enzymes may break down proteins into amino acids or fats into fatty acids.
  3. Neutralises the odour: Unlike many other cleaners that merely mask animal odours or leave behind chemical residues, enzymatic solutions work to eliminate the source of the smell entirely. This results in a cleaner, fresher environment without any lingering unpleasant scents. Plus, by completely neutralising animal odours, you won’t have the problem of other territorial animals (such as dogs or unneutered male cats) competing for the territory and urinating in the same location.

How do you use Safe4 Odour Killer?

All you need to do is spray in the direction of where the offensive odour is coming from. The recommended dilution for the concentrated product is 1-part Odour Killer to 50-parts tap water.

Once the Odour Killer has come into contact with the matter causing the smell, the enzymes and essential oils that make up the solution will come into contact with the matter, break down the molecules causing the smell, and eliminate them.

Because Safe4 Odour Killer is non-staining and non-corrosive, you can use it on a range of surfaces including all types of flooring, carpet, artificial grass and in your garden. Once applied, there is no need to rinse off.

Is the Safe4 Odour Killer safe for use around animals?

Like all Safe4 products, our Odour Killer product is completely non-toxic and a non-irritant. It doesn’t contain any Phenols, Aldehydes, or alcohol, and is completely biodegradable. This means that the product is completely safe for animals to walk on or lie down on surfaces after they have been treated with Safe4 Odour Killer. Unlike other odour eliminator products, there is no need to rinse Safe4 Odour Killer off after application due to its non-toxic formulation.

Want to know more?

The Safe4 Odour Killer product is used by some of the world’s leading zoos, a range of university-based animal research facilities and an ever-increasing number of kennels, catteries, vet clinics, animal rehoming centres, breeders and pet owners across Australia.

The Safe4 Odour Killer is available as a 500ml ready-to-use trigger spray, and as a concentrate in 1L and 5L quantities.

Safe4 animal odour killer

You can find out more about the product by visiting our online store, or give the team a call on 1300 661 821.