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Safe4 veterinary disinfectant: Eco-friendly and effective

Safe4 eco-friendly veterinary disinfectant

There’s a common misconception that disinfectant and cleaning products need to contain harsh chemicals to be truly effective, especially in a more challenging environment such as a veterinary clinic or pet boarding facility.

This is completely untrue. Disinfectant products such as Safe4 that are free from any toxic chemicals are just as effective – and often even more effective – than your more traditional products that have been used for many years in both household and professional settings. And they’re much better for the environment too.

Safe4 formulation

Our products were specifically formulated over 25 years ago to replace harsh and hazardous disinfectant and cleaning solutions that were commonly being used in the veterinary and animal care sectors.

Safe4 veterinary disinfectant has met stringent efficacy tests conducted by both independent and government laboratories, whilst being safe for people and pets, plus eco-friendly. You can find all the test results on our website.

Eco-friendly credentials

Safe4 is committed to not only being safe for people and the animals in their care, but also for the environment.


Products that contain harsh chemicals can do irreparable harm to our environment, as they take a long time to degrade – and some may not even break down at all. Safe4 veterinary disinfectant is a water-based eco-friendly product and is 100% biodegradable.


Safe4 disinfectant is available in a variety of size options to suit your needs, ranging from 900ml right up to 25L.  By providing our product as a concentrate, fewer containers are required, and as a user, your own need for new, replacement bottles are also diminished by being able to refill their existing ones. This also allows us to keep our prices extremely affordable. We are also looking into the final stages of a refillable roll for our disinfectant wipe containers.

Recyclable plastic

All of our plastic containers are second-journey plastic, meaning that they have been used and recycled once already. This means that all of our plastic bottles are therefore recyclable and can be disposed of in traditional recycling bins. However, we always recommend refilling them from a larger source or finding alternate uses for them before recycling.

Bigger, less frequent deliveries

CO2 emissions are also a key environmental concern for us at Safe4. To combat this, we have taken a number of steps, such as ordering in larger less frequent quantities from our suppliers to reduce the number of trips needed to our site. These small changes can have a huge effect if similar practices are implemented across the entire veterinary supply sector, as well as other industries.

Our commitment to being safe for all

The entire team at Safe4, from us here in Australia to the scientists over in England who are continually improving our product range, are firm in our commitment to deliver a range of products that are highly effective, while still being safe for people, animals and the environment.

To find out more about any of our products, please call us on 1300 661 821, or email us at