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As a veterinary hospital, our professionalism and cleanliness are two of our priorities. Safe4 allows us to ensure our clinic is disinfected up to standard as well as helping us keep our clinic smelling amazing. Our clients often comment on the presentation, cleanliness and smell of our clinic. Safe4 is easy to use and we are comfortable using it on a daily basis for general cleaning and for disinfecting when needed. Our equipment and surfaces are not subject to any kind of harm or degrading effects when cleaned with this product. What really sets this product above the rest though, is the amazing smell! We use the apple scented Safe4 and it leaves the clinic smelling fruity and fresh. Thank you Safe4 for helping our clinic maintain our high standards and helping us keep our customers and patients satisfied and safe!

-The Girraween Veterinary Hospital Team.


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Girraween Veterinary Hospital

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