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Transform the way you clean your equine dental equipment

Maintaining the cleanliness of dental equipment is a routine and crucial responsibility for equine veterinarians. So, it makes sense to choose a cleaning solution that saves you time and money.

Enzymatic instrument cleaners have emerged as the preferred choice for vets due to their rapid and highly effective cleaning processes. Safe4, renowned for its veterinary disinfectant and odour killer, now offers a triple enzyme instrument cleaner tailored specifically for vets.

Why opt for an enzymatic solution to clean your equine dental equipment?

These cleaners, fortified with enzymes, expedite the cleaning process by rapidly breaking down residues. Notably, enzymatic cleaners enhance cleaning efficacy across various materials.

By choosing an enzymatic instrument cleaner like Safe4, you not only accelerate the cleaning process but also prolong the life of your equine dental equipment and instruments by minimising reliance on harsh detergent chemicals and neutralisers.

The unique Safe4 product can effortlessly remove fats, starches, and proteins from dental equipment thanks to its triple enzyme formula. Its non-foaming characteristic also allows for thorough cleaning inside fine lumens and other cannulated instruments.

Instruments can be safely soaked in the solution overnight without any damage and can also be used in ultrasonic cleaning baths, tunnel washers, and deluge washers. As an added environmental benefit, the cleaner is biodegradable due to its biological active ingredients.

Safe4 instrument cleaner directions for use

Safe4 triple enzyme instrument cleaner for equine dental equipment

The triple enzyme cleaner is easy to use, following the below directions:

  • Wearing gloves, pre-rinse instrument(s) under running water to remove any large soiling.
  • Liquid is diluted to 1% v/v with water (1:100 ratio) – see table below.
  • Soak instrument(s) in working solution for 10 minutes at any temperature between 20⁰C-60⁰C.
  • Optimal cleaning conditions are a contact time of 30 minutes between 40⁰C-45⁰C.
  • Rinse instrument(s) and soak in Safe4 Instrument Disinfectant as per usage instructions.
Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner Dilution (1:100)
ConcentrateWorking Solution

The data safety sheet for the triple enzyme cleaner product can be viewed here.

Purchase online or via your veterinary products supplier

The instrument cleaner is available for purchase in a cost-effective 5L concentrate container. You can purchase via the Safe4 Australia website, or through your veterinary products supplier.

If you have any questions about the cleaner, or any of our veterinary disinfectant or cleaning products range, please give us a call on 1300 661 821.