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UK Dilution Guide.

Its been brought to our attention that we had incorrectly loaded the dilution giude for UK onto our webpage. This UK dilution guide was developed to deal with three notifiable orders in UK. Safe4 disinfectant cleaner concentrate is the only product in the veterinary sector with DEFRA approval for three notified orders in all four fragrances. Diseases of Poultry Order and the Avian Influenza and Influenza of Avian origin in mammals Order, Tuberulosos Orders and General Orders in UK that require dilutions of 1:10 & 1:20.

Safe4 All Aust Pty Ltd or the manufacture, Safe4 Solutions do not recommend dilutions of 1:10 & 1:20 being used in Australia. We apologise for this error. Therefor we have removed this guide and will shortly be loading the correct dilution guide which will show Safe4 disinfectant is still the most cost effective disinfectant in Australia when you compare Safe4 disinfectant to meet the 30 minute Parvo Virus protocol at 1:100 @ $0.29 to make one litre of diluted product with any other disinfectant on the market.

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