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Animal smells are no match for an enzymatic odour killer

If you work in a veterinary clinic, kennel, cattery, or zoo, you know that lots of animals equals an often smelly environment. Animal odours, urine and faeces in a confined space make for a pretty unpleasant workplace.

Many people use traditional household cleaning products such as bleach, vinegar, or a baking soda solution to try and get rid of the smell. While these products may appear to neutralise smells, they are simply replacing one odour with another.

That is why the Safe4 Odour Killer was developed.

How does the Safe4 odour killer work?

Our odour killer is an enzymatic formula that is made from a blend of organic oils which break down the molecules causing the offensive smell, rather than merely masking it. It even leaves a subtle cherry fragrance after use.

Why is it important to use an enzymatic odour killer?

The prime causes of offensive odours in veterinary clinics, kennels, catteries, and zoos are animal urine and faeces. While traditional household cleaners can help with the 95%+ water content of urine, it has minimal effect on uric acid, and will only help it biodegrade extremely slowly. This is a particular problem in the veterinary and animal care industry as new urine appears multiple times a day, and this odour problem needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

The Safe4 enzymatic odour killer speeds up this biodegradation process in seconds, removing the uric acid and smell. The same happens with faeces.

Is it completely safe for animals and people?

Like all Safe4 products, our odour killer is completely non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritant and non-staining. It doesn’t contain any Phenols, Aldehydes, or alcohol, and is completely biodegradable.

This means that the product is completely safe for staff and the animals they care for but is still highly effective in eliminating offensive smells.

How do you use the odour killer product?

All you need to do is spray in the direction of where the offensive odour is coming from. Once the odour killer has come into contact with the matter causing the smell, the enzymes and essential oils that make up the solution will come into contact with the matter, break down the molecules causing the smell, and eliminate them.

Safe4 Odour Killer

The Safe4 Odour Killer is available as a ready-to-use trigger, and as a concentrate in 900ml and 5L quantities. The recommended dilation for the concentrated products is 1-part Odour Killer to 50-parts tap water.

Want to know more?

The Safe4 Odour Killer product is used by some of the world’s leading zoos, a range of university-based animal research facilities and an ever-increasing number of kennels, catteries, and vet clinics across Australia.

To find out more about the product, give Alf or Julie a call on 1300 661 821.

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