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Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner

$98.50 + GST

5 Litre container

Safe4 Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner removes bodily residue and fatty deposits.

It’s unique NON-FOAM formula means cleaning inside fine lumens is also possible.

It has been designed for ultrasonic cleaners, tunnel washers and deluge washers.

Use Safe4 Triple Enzyme Instrument Cleaner in ultrasonic cleaning baths to clean inside fine lumen or other cannulated instruments.


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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 30 cm


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Directions for use:
  • Wearing gloves, pre-rinse instrument(s) under running water to remove any large soiling.
  • Liquid is diluted to 1% v/v with water (1:100 ratio) – see table at bottom of page.
  • Soak instrument(s) in working solution for 10 minutes at any temperature between 20⁰C-60⁰C.
  • Optimal cleaning conditions are a contact time of 30 minutes between 40⁰C-45⁰C.
  • Rinse instrument(s) and soak in Safe4 Instrument Disinfectant as per usage instructions.[wpforms id="3423"]